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The Team


I’m Leo and I enjoy crafting beautiful interfaces. I dive deep into project requirements and propose best design solutions.

I studied Human-Computer Interaction in Tallinn University and have got over 7 years of UX/UI experience.

I find inspiration in books on history and design spheres like architecture and watchmaking.


Quality of code results from experience and thoughtful architectural decisions.

I deliver front-end code since IE5 and table markup era. For more than 10 yrs., I've realized the importance of logical, understandable code, which will be easy to maintain and scale.

I charge my energy level from exotic teas and bike trips.


I’m certified web-analytic with over a 5 years of experience in AB-tests and Google Analytics.

My role is to check with numbers whether Leo and Stas really produced a great design. Usually they do. But still I always check.

Martial arts keep me relaxed, yet ready for new challenges.


UX Analysis

Understanding your audience is crucial to every business. First step to the great Interface is a thorough analysis of its potential users.

  • Competitor analysis to find best UX approach
  • Exploring target audience (surveys, card sorting, statistical analysis)
  • Building Customer Journey Maps (personas, roles)
  • Online and in-person user testing. Testing prototypes and early wireframes

UX Prototyping

With detailed picture of your industry and audience, we'll start building structure and logic of your product.

  • Information Architecture development
  • Navigational patterns
  • Interactive prototypes (axure, invisionapp, framer)

UI Design

Only after completing previous steps it's time to move to colors, fonts and other visuals.

  • Pixel-perfect interactive prototypes (invisionapp, framer)
  • Graphic design for apps (logos, UI-kits, iconsets)
  • Brand Identity and Style Guide creation; design specifications

Front-End / HTML-CSS-JS

Front-End is another layer of design. Our coding enhances design solutions. In many cases it's also faster to build prototypes straight in html-css code.

  • Slicing pixel-perfect designs to html-css-js code
  • Cutting edge CSS practices (post- and preprocessors); modular and scalable CSS architecture
  • Mobile prototyping (, framer)
  • Documentation and control of implementation

Price tag

Your business needs are unique, and so is our design service. Hourly-based delivery allows us to stay flexible and ensure that you'll get the most out from our work hours.

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